Quick Tips to Go Viral On TikTok

You have been using Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which are all considered powerful digital marketing apps, yet are not satisfied with what you have achieved from them so far. Is it?

Well, it would be very unfortunate of you if that’s the truth. However, the fact is one must keep learning new things and try instead of giving up. TikTok is the platform that gives everyone equal opportunity to grow and expand their business rather than being biased towards accounts only with a higher number of followers. Since the app has itself grown up a lot after the quarantine hit the people, you don’t have to keep making lip-syncing videos as they aren’t enticing the audience anymore. Some new tips and tricks must be up your sleeves so you can go viral on TikTok. Though buying TikTok likes is also a method to increase engagement and make your videos go viral, it should not be the only way. You can opt for the following tips that we have put together to help you go viral in an instant on TikTok.

Let’s have a closer look at these tips.

Learn How TikTok Algorithm Works

Everyone intended to make their videos go viral should never be bothered about the number of likes, comments, and shares in the first place. If you do this, you are still unaware of which data holds importance before the TikTok algorithm. It’s basically the average watch time of your videos compared to their length.

There’s a much-coveted For You Page where every single video uploaded on the app gets a chance to show up to a small group of people. Only if your video receives enough engagement from the people (judging by its watch time), you will stand a chance of showing up to more users. That’s the reason you see TikTok profiles with a fewer followers count even get their videos featured on FYP. As long as you do well on this page, TikTok will push your videos to many new followers to interact with. 

Keep It Short

TikTok allows you to make videos of variable lengths, such as 15, 60, and 180 seconds. However, keep in mind the more you drag the length of your video, the higher the chances of the viewers losing interest to finish it watching till the end. As per common sense, videos that are repeatedly watched and preferred by the audience are considered viral. So keeping the length short is also an indirect way to create an urge among the followers of playing your video again and again. This way, the viewership will be increased tremendously. 

Use Trending Voiceovers

Never thought that going for trending voiceovers to play in your video will be considered plagiarism. Instead, several creators are using this method to increase their traction. Therefore, if you also want your videos to have an outstanding reach and visibility, go search for the trending music, song, or voiceover and create a video that compliments it. The audience will surely respond with love. 

Encourage Interaction

If you rarely have a comments section flooded with the users’ comments, it certainly means they don’t find anything interesting to talk about. Hence, you should think of ways you can compel the audience to comment, whether out of conscience. It must be something that’s not too obvious that triggers them to ask you via comments. 

Be Slightly Controversial

You’re doing a business and don’t want to offend someone; that’s alright. But speaking up on any small controversy can help you initiate a never-ending debate in your comments. And it’s absolutely fine until and unless you don’t hurt people’s sentiments later. 

Final Words

If you have understood how to please the TikTok algorithm and keenly follow all the tips from above, you can indeed make your TikTok videos go viral without any problem. 

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