How Marketers can use Instagram Reels for Digital Marketing?

Instagram Reels has been a highly trending feature since its launch in the August of 2020. With its innovative and cool video editing tools, it is making waves in content marketing, branding, and other facets of digital marketing. Instagram reported a 3.5% increase in usage and engagement after the launch of Instagram Reels. Moreover, Instagram Reels offers an immensely powerful impact on digital marketing. As it takes on the lead to compete with the video-sharing-focused platform, the TikTok, Instagram Reels is re-inventing branding with high-tech tools such as Augmented Reality (AR).

Various international entities have inculcated Instagram Reels in their marketing strategies. These entities include NBA, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Sephora, and Tiffany & Co. NBA even reported a 22% increase in engagement by the introduction of Instagram Reels.

Marketers around the world are effectually using Instagram Reels to boost engagement, brand awareness, and gain new customers. Moreover, Instagram Reels infuses an innovative momentum in marketing, as it is used along with Instagram.

In this article, we will learn how marketers can use Instagram Reels effectively for marketing. Moreover, these ideas can be pro-actively inculcated in the digital marketing framework.

Now, let us see how marketers can use Instagram Reels for digital marketing.

Ways to Use Instagram Reels for Digital Marketing

Instagram Reels provides its users unprecedented flexibility when creating short videos and sharing them with the world. Below, we will talk about some ideas to induce Instagram Reels in marketing. However, Instagram Reels provides ample room for content experimentation. That is why; marketers can brainstorm a multitude of ideas and play with the tools on Instagram Reels.

However, the ideas below can provide a starting point or foundation for content and video marketing. Let us have a look.

  1. Marketers can use Instagram Reels to make short tutorials or quick how-to-do videos using various products. In this way, they can communicate and establish their brand’s authority. Moreover, in this way, you can spread awareness about the usage of the products you are offering.

    For example, various make-up and cosmetic giants used Instagram Reels to introduce videos for short make-up tutorials using their products. In addition, marketers can also use Instagram Reels to make mini FAQs or step-by-step videos. The prime focus is to educate your consumers and potential customers about the benefits and opportunities offered by your brand or product.
  • Next up, you can create short behind-the-scenes videos with Instagram Reels. This idea is effective and widely applicable. Especially if you have any event or new product coming up, you can record the Reels of your team preparing for the new product or event. In addition, creating little sneak peeks are effective to derive engagement, anticipation, and hype about the upcoming event or product.
  • Marketers can create AR-powered avatars and filters for Instagram Reels. Augmented Reality (AR) is constantly amazing the world with its flexibility and impact. Instagram Reels provide you a first-hand experience with AR. It enables you to play and experiment with various AR features and techniques. In fact, marketers can create AR filters and avatars for products and brands. Different international brands jumped on the AR bandwagon through Instagram Reels. The famous brands include Tiffany & Co., Coca-Cola, and Chanel.

    Marketers can create AR avatars and filters through Spark AR Studio. This is the official and free-to-use platform to create AR by Facebook.
  • With Instagram Reels, marketers can share user-generated content about their products. In this way, you can use Reels to promote and facilitate authentic content. This is the biggest selling point of Reels. Marketers can source video content from your real-life consumers. This results in organic brand awareness. Moreover, this boosts engagement.
  • With the massive yet proven impact of Instagram Reels, marketers can further optimize their reach on Reels. This will ultimately boost the brand’s reach and awareness. The best way is to buy Instagram Reels views.