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Cullivoe in North Yell lies on the western shore of Bluemill Sound. The harbour, built in 1991, remains the most active on the island and is accessible in all states of the tide, sheltering both a pier and a small boat marina. It makes a good base for exploring the rest of the island, especially with R.G Jamieson and Son's taxi service based nearby (01957 744214), as well as one of the most helpful shopkeepers in Britain - R.S Henderson, who also sells marine diesel (01957 744248). The pier also becomes a party venue during the first weekend of July when 'Party at the Pier' is celebrated.

Blue Mull Sound, with its strong tides and turbulent races, can be hazardous in a northerly wind and there are many inshore rocks on the west coast of Unst, north of Cullivoe. Visiting craft should give this rock-bound coast a berth of at least 2 cables.

Depth (Low water): 6.0m 1.2m
Contact: Roger Moore,
01806 244200
Andrew Nisbet
01957 7442672
Charges: Please see -
SIC Table of Dues
£10 per day
Yacht Facilities: Toilets, fuel, fresh water, waste and waste oil disposal, slip, repairs, chandlery, boat hoist (crane truck for hire), engineering services
Other Facilitiues: Telephone, post office, shop, bus service, car hire, taxi service