Shetland Island Marinas

Life Is Better On The Boat

Things to know when you rent a boat

Posted by on Dec 2, 2017

Things to know when you rent a boat

If you enjoy the warm climate and just love to spend a day on the open sea, getting a boat seems like a really nice idea. Having the ability to enjoy on a boat in the middle of the sea or any other water is your own personal treasure. People who are used to spending time on the water know how soothing and relaxing this can be. When it comes to the best destination, here is one that is becoming very interesting. Shetland Island Marinas is a very intriguing destination, especially if you are a businessman.

The climate here is absolutely convenient for both pleasure and business. This area is a real treasure and people who come here are more than amazed at the splendor of the marina. This destination is still in progress when it comes to cruising but, here, you will easily find some of the most famous yachtsmen. All sailing lovers are gathered here but it is not only cruising that interests them.

There is a lot more here than just sailing challenges. Now, this destination is perfect for cruising, there is no doubt about it and you can find it very accessible from west Europe. The only thing you need to know, if you think of yourself as of experienced seaman, is that these waters require a bit heavier anchor in order to remain safe.

Since these waters are from the Atlantic ocean, you can expect pleasant weather most of the time. There are tides every now and then and the streams are really interesting. In case that you do not have your own boat, do not worry, you can rent one in no time. You have Boat Rental Service all over the place.

Get your vessel ready for the adventure

With a good vessel and proper equipment, you can easily navigate the seas all around this more than beautiful islands. We already mentioned that all you need, when it comes to security, is a bit of a heavier anchor. If you ask around, you will only hear nothing but praising from all the experienced seamen because the weather is really good and convenient for some nautical adventures.

It is even better if you have your own boat because you know every inch of it and how to cope with any situation. Still, if you really want to sail out and see the wonders of these beautiful islands, rent a boat and bring that ”Simbad” look on your face because a lot of adventure is ahead.

Sailing is all about pleasure and adventure and having a good time but it is also about peace, contemplation, getting in touch with nature and tranquility. Nothing can be calm or stormy like the sea. That is what people who spent almost all their lives say. So, the tides are strong, the weather is good and the sea is calm. Get your vessel and let your nautical journey start almost right away.

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Why are Shetland Island Marinas among the most intriguing, these days?

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017

Why are Shetland Island Marinas among the most intriguing, these days?

Have you ever heard about Shetland Island Marinas? If you are a businessman, you are probably aware what treasure this area could be. The business climate here is more than convenient for any business. This most northerly area undiscovered treasure and one of the best area for investment. We can say this is cruising destination in progress. The most famous yachtsmen considered are attracted by Shetland Island Marinas, and a lot of them come here for more than interesting sailing challenges. If you are one of them, you will encounter a fantastic cruising ground. It is easily accessible from most parts of west Europe. The best part is that you do not have to cross the oceans. The only thing you need to pay attention to is your anchor. This area requires a little bit heavier anchor for a security question.

Shetland Island Marinas Weather

This island enjoys a warm climate for their latitude. Even if it lay at 60⁰N, due to the warm waters of the Atlantics, the climate is more than pleasant. However, we can say that it can be dry and changeable. The best proof of this climate is its nature. The interesting fact is that you can encounter fog only 3days per month and regarding the gale, it occurs less than one day.

What type of streams can you encounter here?

This area is well-known by its tides. This kind of water is known by its movements caused by gravity forces. We mean on the gravity between the moon, sun, and earth. It is an astronomical phenomenon due to Earth’s rotation and the fact it has an ocean in its possession.

Tidal streams are water movements caused by forces of gravity between the earth, the moon, and the sun, and to a much lesser extent other planets. It is a purely astronomical phenomenon that is observable because the Earth rotates and has oceans. They can be quite useful when it comes to sailing, and you can use them to your advantage.

If you intend to start yachting business here, you want to make a mistake. It has everything that you can use and enjoy. No wonder, this place has attracted so many people in business from all over the world. They are more than interested in investing their money here because they are aware they can make a fortune.


In this area there are some smaller size marinas, they are not good for cruising yachts because they are too shallow. However, they are an excellent choice for landing by dinghy. You can always ask for a help from some local person. All of the marinas have a £10 per day.

If you decide to invest money here, you definitely won’t regret.  Every £ that you invest will make you earn more. The good news is the fact that this place is still undiscovered and who knows what you can find besides familiar stuff. No wonder this is one of the most popular destinations for the businessmen.

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Things to know when yachting in the Shetlands

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017

Things to know when yachting in the Shetlands

Shetland islands, the pearls of Scotland, are a subarctic archipelago of about 100 islands. They lie northeast of Scotland, situated about 110 miles north of the mainland of Scotland. Only 16 islands out of around a hundred are inhabited, and the driving force of the economy is fishing and the oil and gas industries. However, more and more people see the potential in other business sectors, like tourism, renewable energy or yachting. More and more yachting enthusiasts come to the Shetlands because of good sailing conditions, the beauty of the scenery and the favorable climate.

Marinas on the islands

Shetland owes a lot of their popularity to their excellent geographical positioning. They are close enough so they can be reached by smaller vessels from north west Europe, but isolated enough to be attractive for sailors. There are more than 20 marinas of different sizes scattered across the islands, mostly situated around larger settlements. They offer a range of services, depending on their size and available equipment, but you can expect a warm welcome in all of them. If you happen to be a tourist with a  little bit of yachting experience, visit Yacht Charter in Miami Beach and check if they have something to your taste.

Things to know when yachting in the Shetlands

Every properly equipped vessel can navigate the seas around the islands. However, we advise you to carry a heavier anchor because most of the ocean floor is covered with a layer of kelp which can make anchoring tricky. Yachters often praise the weather conditions here because, even though you are sailing as far north as 60 degrees latitude, the weather is warm and relatively stable. It is due to the warm waters of the Atlantic ocean. Fog is not common in the summer.

As it is the case in the North Atlantic, tides can be strong, especially around headlands and in between islands of greater size. Experienced sailors will know how to use the tide to their advantage, but we recommend everybody to have their Admiralty Tidal Stream Atlas at all times. Along with this atlas, yachters should carry the Admiralty Chart Catalogue so they can chart their cruises.

Fish farms are common around the islands, and they are, in most cases, properly marked by buoys. Of course, sailing around fish farms demands careful navigation. As we mentioned above, marinas are plentiful, they are usually well-equipped, and the locals are open for advice and a helping hand. The usual marina charge is 10 pounds.

Pay a visit to the Shetlands, and you might even want to stay

If you love island cultures, good food, beautiful sceneries, yachting, and wildlife, then the Shetland islands are a place to visit. Also, if you plan to move to a calmer, more peaceful surrounding when compared to the rush of the big cities, then you should consider the Shetlands, too. Business opportunities are opening up in many sectors and no matter if you are a computer programmer, an artist or an engineer, you will surely find your place among the Shetlanders.

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